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Bipolar Rage

Something I really struggle with. It's not pretty when I flip out. I literally lose control, and I can't stop it happening. I go from zero to 100 in the blink of an eye. I wish it would stop happening. I hate how it just happens out of nowhere. I'd been having quite a good… Continue reading Bipolar Rage


Taking back what I said….

I literally have nothing left in me to fight right now. I'm exhausted, fed up, and feeling utterly useless, hopeless and totally done. I'm a horrible person to be around at the moment. I've lost 2 friends recently because of this shitty illness. And I really can't do it anymore. Call it the straw that… Continue reading Taking back what I said….

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An official statement

I've given myself a swift kick up the arse tonight. After eating my way through over 3000 calories today, I feel disgusted with myself and it's time to stand up, take back control and fight my demons. I'm not going to let them win. I will sort my shit out, lose weight, get my head… Continue reading An official statement

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After consuming over half my daily allowance of calories within an hour in the early hours of this morning, I'm feeling utterly shit!! 1000 calories on junk food at 2am is not cool. Why the fuck do I let myself do it?? I'm desperately trying to lose weight and things like that don't help in… Continue reading FAT.

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Knucking fackered.

So I saw my doc yesterday (14.3.18) and we agreed to stick with the Quetiapine and increase the dosage as originally planned. (Long story short - started on 50mg 3 weeks ago, was supposed to increase to 100mg after a week, then 150mg a week after that....didn't happen due to many factors). Anyway, I upped… Continue reading Knucking fackered.